Southern Savvy

What Makes Wisteria's Southern So Savvy?
Jason and Walker are proud of the relationships they've built over the years with local purveyors, food craftsmen and farmers. Wisteria's menu reflects these relationships, utilizing sustainable and organic ingredients whenever possible, from Atlanta's Turnip Truck and its harvest of organic vegetables to the goat cheese at Coles Lake Dairy in Carrollton, Ga. 

Browse the menu and you'll see these connections: Wisteria's arancini uses local gouda from Udderly Cool Dairy in Roopville, Ga., creating an inventive Southern take on this traditional Sicilian street food. Stone ground grits from Adluh Mills in Columbia, S.C., and Georgia coastal shrimp give the kitchen's shrimp and grits local love and flavor. Jason and Walker believe that nourishing local farms and food artisans builds community and fosters awareness of food pathways, while providing the freshest flavor.